How It Works

About Encephalomate

We are the only company in the world working on Encephalo-Transmission Energy. The term “Encephalo-Transmission Energy” was coined by the Founder of the company Mr.¬†Bankim Sood and his son Mr. Sushrut Sood in 2020. This energy is the cleanest form of energy with Zero Carbon Footprints. This energy has a lot of applications in the fields of Power Generation, Defence, Medicine, Communications, and Criminology. The company is engaged in developing innovative products and in developing a novel concept of Encephalo-Intelligence which is the technology of the future.


This is the World’s First Human Power House.


The product is an innovation in today’s new warfare.


This product goes hand in hand with the Encephalofatigue.


This is another product that has applications in the field of Defence.


An innovation in the field of modern Defence Technologies.


This is a special application of Encephalo-Transmission Energy in the field of Medicine and Criminology.


This is another innovative product that has its application in the field of Defence.

Encephalo-Intelligence Compliant Dining Table

This is the most expensive customized dining table in the world that is available from 4 to 50 seats. Read More